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Over 30 Great Years Of Experience

Patten Pool Repair was established by Ron Patten and has grown to serve over 1500 customers in the North Harris and Montgomery Counties. The over 30 years experience is indicative of our reliable and honest service as our customer base has grown every year with little to no advertising. Our technicians have been taught how to provide service the “Patten Pool Repair” way which is having the right part, install quickly with little downtime and at a fair price. We will try and make our visits an educational experience to help you better understand your pool.

Questions about your pool system? Our pool glossary might help!

Let Our Reliable Patten Pool Service Do The Work

Patten Pool continues to be reliable pool maintenance and cleaning service company in the North Houston area since 1982.  With great customer reviews ratings over 4.6 stars, we prove our customers come first.  Let us show you what great pool maintenance and schedule cleaning services feel like.  Patten Pool Repair is ready to keep your pool clean and sparkling.  Contact us today for cleaning and maintenance to keep your pool, piping and filtration system operating at maximum efficiency!


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