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Pool Cleaning Service

Knowledgeable & Experienced Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Services with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We use quality products and chemicals to maintain your pool so that it is ready to use year-round.

We Keep Your Pool Clean So You Don’t Have To

Our professional pool cleaning service offers homeowners an affordable option to keeping your pool clean and sparkling all year long, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  When you just don’t have the time to care for your pool the way that you should, our technicians step in to handle all the hard work for you so that can simply enjoy your pool.  Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of pools and spas, including equipment, chemicals, electricity, and hydraulics. Every system is unique and our experience and training allow us to offer our customers the best pool cleaning service so you do not have to worry.

We Ensure Your Pool Is Operating Efficiently By Maintaining The Proper Chemical Balance

If you have just built a new pool or you recently moved into a new home with a pool and need professional pool cleaning assistance, let Patten Pool Repair care for your pool. It is our goal to provide our customers with the absolute best pool cleaning service, and in order to accomplish this, it is important to maintain a proper chemical balance to keep your pool, piping and filtration system operating at maximum efficiency.

We Maintain Your Pool On Your Schedule

We can tailor your pool maintenance to your satisfaction and be responsible to show up!

With busy lifestyles, we understand that not every family has time to care for their pool properly.  We also understand that a pool is an investment and one that you wish to enjoy throughout the year. We work with our customers to create a customized cleaning schedule that works with your lifestyle and budget while ensuring that your pool is operating at optimal condition.  We offer a full range of services, so even if you handle the pool cleaning yourself, but need “vacation service” throughout the year, we can perform your routine cleaning so that you do not have to worry while you are away.

  • Pool vacuuming
  • Skimming the pool surface
  • Cleaning pool baskets
  • Backwashing the pool filter
  • On-site water testing
  • Brushing tile line
  • Minor pool repairs (o-rings, gaskets, etc.)
  • Delivery of necessary pool chemicals & seasonal chemical bundles
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Addition of pool chemicals

We Keep Your Pool In Top Condition

Regularly scheduled pool cleaning keeps your swimming pool ready for pool parties and daily swims, and with Patten Pool Repair you never have to lift a finger! Choose a schedule that works for you. From weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time pool cleaning and vacation services, we will keep your pool in top condition for you and your family’s enjoyment.

We simplify pool cleaning for our customers. Let us know what works with your schedule and budget.

Electricity And Hydraulics Is Our Specialty

One of the key factors that sets us apart from other pool cleaning and repair companies is that we are licensed electricians with over 40 years of electrical and hydraulic systems knowledge, and our technicians are experienced and well trained to work with pool chemicals. It is important to us, and we truly enjoy teaching our clients, to maintain a pool properly. We educate our clients on everything they need to know before and after we provide pool-cleaning services. We even offer a “Pool School” where we will visually inspect your equipment and recommend any necessary repairs, plumbing alterations or special maintenance.

Patten Pool Is A Dependable Pool Service

  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Quick Response Time to Service Requests
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Ongoing Employee Training
  • Knowledgeable about Pool Products and Chemicals
  • 40-Years Electrical & Hydraulic Systems Knowledge
  • Remodeling & Restoring Pools Since 1982
  • Licensed and Insured for Electrical and Hydraulics Work
  • Quality OEM Products Used in all Equipment Repairs
  • Customer Records Maintained Electronically for Service History

Let Our Reliable Patten Pool Service Do The Work

Patten Pool continues to be reliable pool maintenance and cleaning service company in the North Houston area since 1982.  With great customer reviews ratings over 4.6 stars, we prove our customers come first.  Let us show you what great pool maintenance and schedule cleaning services feel like.  Patten Pool Repair is ready to keep your pool clean and sparkling.  Contact us today for cleaning and maintenance to keep your pool, piping and filtration system operating at maximum efficiency!


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